• Orifice Plates and Orifice Flanges

    Orifice Plates and Orifice Flanges

    The orifice meter, sometimes called the head loss flow meter, is chosen most frequently because of its long history of use in many applications, versatility, and low cost, as compared to other flow meter available. These measurement devices are designed and manufactured based on ISO 5167. For more information contact us.
  • Cartridge Filter

    Cartridge Filter

    Filters are intended to screen out larger pieces of foreign particles, often present in the gases or particularly during the initial stages of operation of newly laid pipes, to minimize damage to valves, pressure regulators, meters and other equipment used in regulating and metering stations.
  • Air and Gas Mixer (PMG)

    Air and Gas Mixer (PMG)

    A blower in these types of mixers provides the air. The gas is sucked into the mixing tube by the air,which is exhausted from a nozzle.
  • Oil Pressure Regulator (OPR)

    Oil Pressure Regulator (OPR)

    Oil pressure reducing regulators are necessary to step down oil supply pressures to a steady pressure suitable for various burner/combustion applications or at the inlet of the ratio control valve. These regulators may be installed in any position. An arrow on the body shows direction of flow. Regulators are available with factory-set for an outlet pressure of 3 bar.
  • Sensitrol Oil Valves

    Sensitrol Oil Valves

    Sensitrol Oil Valves are manual valves used as limiting orifices for controlling oil flow to industrial burners. These valves are available with nominal diameters of 3/8" to 1/2".
  • Adjustable Piston Valve (ADV)

    Adjustable Piston Valve (ADV)

    This type of valve is usually used for adjusting the Gas or Air of burner and it is produced from 3/4 to 3 inches.
  • Oil Fuel Governor or Ratio Controller (AOR)

    Oil Fuel Governor or Ratio Controller (AOR)

    This device is used for controlling oil to air ratio in combustion systems.
  • Adjustable Butterfly Valves (ABFV/BFV)

    Adjustable Butterfly Valves (ABFV/BFV)

    The ABFV Adjustable butterfly valves used to adjust air & gas flow rate of burners. The series BFV equipped with damper motor. The choice of damper motor depends on the working pressure and the size of the butterfly valve.These valves are available from 1.1/2 to 40 inches.