20th International Gas, Oil, Refining & Petrochemical Exhibition

The second largest OPEC producer, Iran sits atop 11 percent of oil and 18 percent of gas reserves in the world. Every year, the country hosts […]

TV Interview with Co-founder of Sholeh Sanat

In the Nowrouz days of 1394 (Iranian new year in the spring of 2015), a TV interview called “Spring of Knowledge” was broadcast in channel 4 […]

Long Flame and Flat Flame Burners for 250 ton/hr Preheat Furnace

Design and manufacturing of 70 burners for 250 ton/hr preheat furnace of FGC. These burners are manufactured in different types and capacities consist of: Long Flame […]

Winner of 5th Festival & Exhibition of Science to Practice

Sholeh Sanat’s patent for changing oil burner of cast iron melting furnaces to gas burner was elected in the 5th National Festival & Exhibition of Science […]

Burners and Combustion System for Furnaces of “Felezat Rangin Co.”

Combustion system design, installation and commissioning of  natural gas burners and combustion systems for 12 furnaces of “Felezat Rangin Co” consist of 18 burners (220HGSIC, 350HGSIC, […]

Rotary Kiln of Cast Iron Melting

Installation and commissioning of  natural gas burner, gas & air handling and recuperation system for 350 kg/hr melting rotary kiln of cast iron. The burner which is used for […]