Sholeh Sanat Eng. & Mfg. Company was established in 1989 in private sector by expert engineers who had scientific and practical experiences in oil and gas industries. At first this company concentrated on converting the fuel of industries from oil to natural gas. Now, after a quarter century of effort, Sholeh Sanat Co. is the leading company in manufacturing several types of burners for industrial furnaces in Middle East.

We have always tried to use all our ability for continual improvement and manufacturing the reliable and high quality products with the best technologies to provide safe and efficient combustion. Now based on the deep experience, we can claim that Sholeh Sanat Company, the only active company in Iran in the field of burner manufacturing for Industrial furnaces, has an effective role in energy conservation and optimization of control and fuel system for industry of Iran.

Our engineers are well-known in industries and they are committed to helping and presenting innovative and sustainable solutions based on new technologies for specific needs of all customers and guiding to have optimized combustion performance.